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Hublot Loves Football
x The Values of Diversity

We were commissioned by Hublot to create a creative concept for the “Hublot Loves Football” campaign launched to support The Fifa World Cup 2022.

The idea of this campaign was to create a safe space for all, where football is here to create a special bond and highlight unity — This theme was about exploring values that are dear to the ambassadors, and sending a positive message to the Hublot’s community and beyond.

Each Ambassadors shared memories from their childhood and careers, while stating their values, around their passion for football. We decided to use illustration in the form of doodles to convey these emotions and translate the Ambassadors optimism, joy and energy.

Doodles juvenile look & feel is accessible to all and they are great for communicating emotions and express feelings — Therefore, we designed a set of 80 colourful illustrations that explore the themes of Hope, Respect, Love, and Unity. The colour palette also had to be cheerful, passionate, and hopeful, bringing nothing but energising emotions implying fun and joy.

We used these illustrations to produce a set of portraits for the 14 Hublot’s Ambassadors — This collection of photographs was created around the notion of “beauty in diversity”: diversity of ideas, of people, diversity of culture.

As well as the portraits, we worked closely with the animators and videographers to release a set of 14 films where the doodles come to life in a fun and playful manner, capturing the Ambassadors' personalities. Creating the different storyboards and defining the ambassador’s actions for each videos was both exciting and challenging — The idea was for everyone to feel as comfortable as possible to be able to catch genuine emotions such as joy, optimism, and passion.

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