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Canopy Collections

Founded in 2020, Canopy Collections is a contemporary art platform that operates online and through physical exhibitions.

The logo letterforms have subtle contrast and a calligraphic feeling that emphasizes the special relationship Canopy Collections has with its artists and collectors. The use of italic in the logotype stresses Canopy's mission and proposition, expressing energy and growth.

Canopy's graphic identity was built around modern and beautifully balanced layouts that keep the viewer's attention on Canopy's unique artworks.

In that respect, we created a neutral colour palette that is warm and calming. This natural and versatile colour palette serves as a canvas for Canopy Collection's unique artists and exceptional artworks.

This new visual identity never overpowers the artworks and imagery but instead, allows Canopy Collections to reveal itself to art lovers and collectors with an elegant and delicate aesthetic.

Our Role:

Branding / Stationery / Art Direction / Website Design